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2011-Dec-30 - adult hard core porn

Anything to please a lady,” Tom murmured as she guided his hard cock into her juicy wet pussy. She was tight. Tom moved cautiously, afraid he was going to hurt this small but lusty girl. Liu was nowhere near as cautious. Her little hands grabbed his ass cheeks and pushed him down inside her until his cock was buried to the hilt in her sweet, moist warmth. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she moaned with pleasure. She began moving under him, Tom rested most of his weight on his knees and picked up her fantastic fucking rhythm, his hand still holding her gyrating ass, his balls swaying beneath the motion of their thrusting groins. As stimulated as they both were, it was a fast and furious fuck. Liu was crying out a series of incoherent words, her little body thrust itself up against him with surprising strength again and again, pushing him to greater heights of incredible lust. Tom began fucking her tight cunt harder and faster, holding her in his hand as his hips bucked and rocked against her pumping groin. Their bodies were slick with sweat. Liu’s smooth oriental body was flushed. She dug her fingernails into Tom’s ass, screaming in passion as her orgasm washed over her body. Tom felt her ass quivering in his hand and her pussy wrap tight around his deeply buried white cock. The powerful sensation in his balls burst into a fireball of lust, he shot wads and wads of hot sperm into her thirsty pussy. Their groins twitched together as orgasmic aftershocks rippled through their joined bodies. Behind the one way mirror, a group of beings with large heads and small bodies watched with fascination and satisfaction. Their breeding program seemed to be proceeding quite nicely. I walked slowly to the bed and gently eased myself into it, unsure of what good it would do. I surely needed to be nursing! My body was demanding me to! “Let’s take a look” my husband said into my ear, the hairs Hard Core Porn on the back of my neck standing up and prickling at the touch of his breath. I turned to him and again opened my robe. “Holy fuck! Look at those! Jesus Christ, babe! It looks like you had plastic surgery over night! Here, let me feel them.” He reached his hand towards me and I flinched. “Are you daring to defy me you ungrateful bitch? I said let me feel them!” I hesitantly edged closer as his hands met my aching Adult hard Porn tits. He barely grazed his hands against my mounds before the let down reflex kicked in again and my nipples were once again leaking milk. But this time it wasn’t a trickle, it was more like a spray, each of my nips simultaneously squirting warm, creamy white tit milk in every direction, soaking my stomach and the sheets under me. I blushed from the unexpected mess. “Holy shit,” my master muttered. He continued to stroke the tops of my breasts and milk continued to leak but slower and slower. He then began to flick at my erect nipples, playing with the milk that dripped from each. “Those are mine, now, bitch.” His response took me by surprise and I caught myself saying, “What?!” before I could stop myself. “I SAID, those are mine, bitch! Your tits, you stupid slut. Those belong to me now, just like the rest of your body. Your tits and your milk are mine and you will do as I say, understood?” I knew better than to argue with my master but I was confused. Was I to simply let the milk dry up? Before I could think of a way to phrase my question without offending my master, he answered it for me by grabbing my right tit and milking it with his hands, pinching and pulling on my nipple, the milk squirting out in ever direction, stronger and stronger this time. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt. The combination of the relief of pressure coupled with the friction of his fingers working my nipples was intense and deeply arousing. But before I could get used to it, he brought my tit roughly up to his mouth and began to suck, deep and hard at my breast engulfing my entire nipple and some of my tit flesh in his mouth. I felt the milk pour out as milk started to drip from my other breast.
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2011-Dec-30 - hentai porn

Tom was sitting on his porch, drinking a beer, when he saw the strange lights in the sky. They seemed to be in a circle and they blinked blue, yellow and red. They didn’t look like any plane he’d ever seen before. So he headed off into his cornfield to get a better look. Walking between the long, straight rows of prime Iowa corn he kept one eye on the sky. It was still there and, if anything, the circle seemed to be getting bigger. Whatever it was seemed to be coming closer to the ground. A white light began glowing in the center. Darned, if it didn’t look some kind of flying saucer, Tom thought. He saw a thick beam of white light and then his world went black. When he woke up he was lying on a table in a white room. Several ceiling to floor length mirrors reflected back the sterile white. The only thing breaking up the color scheme was his mostly tanned naked body on the table. Staring into one of the mirrors he could see the tan lines from his tee shirt. His legs weren’t as tanned as his arms. He’d been working the farm since he was a boy and, even in his mid thirties, his body was well muscled and his belly was flat. Two things seemed out of place though. He had a small red rash on the right side of his neck and a solid erection sticking out from his brown pubes. For some reason he was horny as hell. Suddenly he realized that one of the white panels You Porn that made up the room was glowing green. He didn’t know why he knew that he was supposed to touch the panel, only that he knew that was what he had to do next. He felt a light vibration through his fingers and watched in amazement as the panel faded away revealing another room. This room was softly lit with a pink glow, a gigantic bed took up most of the floor space. Lying on the massive bed was a small, pretty oriental woman. She was completely naked. A few fingers of her right hand were pressed against her black pubic hair. The other hand was cupping one of her small, firm looking breasts. Tom guessed from her smooth slender body and pretty face that she was in her early twenties. Her lovely almond shaped eyes were staring at his erection and she was smiling a shy smile. He moved closer to the bed and tried introducing himself. “My name is Tom,” he said in a quiet voice, hoping he Porno wouldn’t scare her. She shook her head. Her short black hair tumbling around her lovely face. “Tom,” he said pointing to his chest. “Liu,” she said pointing in between her cute, brown nippled breasts. She began to lightly rub her pussy. Tom was now close enough to see that, she too, had a little red circular rash on her neck. Her sparkling slanted eyes were looking at him with lust. His hard cock was throbbing in response. He’d heard about that Viagra stuff and figured somebody or something must have given him and Liu a dose of something like that. When Liu spread out her arms and legs there was no doubt what she wanted him to do. His hard dick and tingling balls informed him that he really didn’t have any other choice.
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2011-Dec-30 - hot adult film

Jen knelt on the chair, slipped his briefs off his hips and over his erection, letting them drop around his ankles. Tad was surprised, but in a good way. She cupped his balls and inhaled his cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked and played with his balls, until he was harder than polymer engineering. Without the slightest warning, she broke off, turned around, and sat in the chair. She tipped back her head all the way so that she was looking at his crotch upside down. Jen wrapped her arms around his legs, her manicured and sharp nails digging into his thighs. Opening her mouth wide, she gobbled his fat white cock deep into her mouth and down into her throat. Bobbing her head there was something like a gargling motion that she did within her throat that tickled his cockhead as her lips and tongue massaged his shaft. If she keeps this up, he thought, there’s no way I’m going to last. As quickly as she started, she stopped. Sitting up, she Sex Tube turned around; “Come, sit here,” she said. Tad followed her lead, walking bottomless and erect from the platform and sitting in the chair. Jen stood in front of him. She unbuttoned her blouse to her waist and pulled her breasts free from her bra. Her tits were smooth and round with dark, puffy nipples. Tad immediately leaned forward and sucked one then the other until they were wet and hard. Jen hiked her skirt up to her waist, displaying her wide elastic garter straps and making his cock spring to attention. She stepped forward, straddling his hips and then eased her sopping wet pussy onto his cock. In a little, out a little and in a little more until her ass was resting on his thighs. Tad grabbed her ass with both hands, his fingers wiggling into her crack and against her asshole. Jen inhaled sharply and shivered. He looked into her sparkling eyes and kissed her passionately. She wrapped one arm around his neck as they kissed and with her free hand, she pinched his nipple. Tongues intertwined, she began rocking her hips back and forth. Rocking forward, his cock sunk deep inside her, rocking back his cock slipped out some, but his fingers pushed her asshole. Jen trembled each way she moved; her whole Hot Adult crotch was on fire with the most delicious sensations. Tad felt his balls contract in anticipation of blowing his load. He let Jen go at her own pace, not wanting this fuck to end. He felt the tremble in her hips and kissed her harder. Her mouth was soft and she was a great kisser. Her hips quaked uncontrollably; she broke off their kiss, tilted her head back and groaned loudly. Tad put his mouth on her nipple again, and sucked hard. Her quaking rippled through her pussy and brought him to the brink. As Jen let out a long low groan, Tad clenched his teeth and grunted as he shot his hot cum deep inside her cunt. They sat remaining motionless for a few moments before Jen slowly got up. When she was standing in front of him again, she put her hands on his knees, bent over, and sucked his cock clean.
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2011-Dec-30 - free adult cinema

As much as he hated clothes shopping, he figured he’d bite the bullet and get a new suit or two and perhaps a matching sport jacket and pants. As usual, he got out of work late and the stores would be closing soon. It was Wednesday, and the men’s department was vacant. He poked through the racks for a few minutes then looked at his watch. If no one comes over here to help me in about the next two minutes, he thought, I’m outta here. He took a cursory look at three more suits, and a suddenly a sexy Asian woman appeared at his side. “May I help you?” She smiled. Tad gave her the once over twice; her nametag Free Teen Porn said ‘Jen.’ Oh yeah, he thought, you can help me, but it’s got nothing to do with buying clothes. She could have been in her thirties but possibly younger. Her shoulder-length hair was straight; with the sheen of mink, it rippled like mercury when she moved. Even white teeth contrasted against her red glossy lipstick and her smooth oriental skin. Jen’s eyes sparkled, revealing glimpses of an inner passion; her eyebrows were thick and dark and perfectly shaped. Her body was curvy in all the right places; well feed but not fat, Tad estimated that she was a full C cup. “I need a couple of new suits and something perhaps a little more casual, but still business-like.” Jen locked her forearm with his. “Follow me, please. I think I know just what you’re looking for.” Doubt it, Tad thought, unless you know that I’m looking to get laid too. Jen lead him to a rack of suits, and it Free Adult turned out that she was right. Within ten minutes, Tad had picked out a navy blue and a charcoal gray suit. “Come,” she said pulling him along. “We have to measure.” In the dressing room there were a couple of chairs, several full-length mirrors, and a two step high platform on which the men stood while tailors did their measuring. “Take off your pants and put them on the chair,” Jen directed. Tad froze like a dear in headlights. “We don’t have all night,” Jen said. “What, you think I’ve never seen a man in his underwear before?” Normally, he wasn’t shy, but naturally, he was wearing fashion briefs, they were black and a size too small. At first, he was self conscious, wondering what Jen the tailor was going to think of his underwear. Then, he decided he just didn’t give a shit. He doubted he would ever see her again. As Tad he took his pants off, he saw her bend over at the waist and pick up something off the floor. He could see the tops of her stockings and the wide strap of her garter. His cock sprung to erection like a sprinter at the gun. There was nothing he could do; since he was a boy, he was wild for women in garters and stockings. Now, few things got him as hot as quickly. He slipped into the navy suit pants, hoping that she wouldn’t notice his erection peaking over the top of his briefs. She motioned for him to stand on the platform. She cuffed the pants, with needles and a soap line without a problem. As she put her arms around his waist to measure, her cheek pushed firmly against his crotch. He was sure that she could feel how hard he was, but Jen didn’t say a thing. She walked behind him and began marking the seat of his pants. He noticed her feeling his ass once or twice, but didn’t say anything; after she goosed him, he let out a satisfied groan. From behind, she started to measure his inseam. Her knuckles, hand, thumb, fingers all casually knocked against his balls, making him harder than ever.
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2011-Dec-30 - free sex

“I’m never going to understand this stuff!” Marty grumbled, “You’re just wasting your time.” Marty knew he really needed to pass this course Free Sex Moive to stay on the team but he just couldn’t make sense of any of these algebraic equations. Maybe things would have been a little less tense if they hadn’t assigned him such a gorgeous tutor. Mingmei’s soft round body qualified as a major distraction. The way her perky tits pressed against the fabric of her tee shirt, the way she brushed her long black hair away from her pretty face, the way her cute round butt wiggled in her jeans, were all far more interesting than trying to determine the value of x or y. To Marty’s surprise, she crossed her slanted eyes and stuck out her tongue. “You want to someday start and run the most complex offense in the conference,” she laughed, “but cannot take the time to learn simple stuff. I think you are a big fuck off.” “Oh, c’mon Mingmei,” he protested, “this is hard stuff!” She scribbled a complex equation on the paper in front of her. “No,” she said, “this is hard stuff.” She then scribbled another long, equation filled with symbols he’d never even seen before. “And this is really hard stuff.” Marty looked down at the paper, not able to Teen Porn make a bit of sense out of the strange characters. “What the heck is that?” he asked. She giggled and stuck out her tongue again. The way her cute nose wrinkled up when she did that was somehow turning him on. “Oh, the second one is same as the first,” she explained still giggling, “except it is in Chinese.” She got up from her chair, stood behind him and began rubbing his shoulders. Her long, smooth fingers were amazingly strong. Marty felt his body relax under her powerful kneading touch, she seemed to be pulling the bad stress out his body. Her fragrant herbal smell and body warmth, however, was sending sexual messages to his brain. While his body relaxed his cock began to stiffen. Her strong brown hands moved off his shoulders and slid into his open shirt. As she leaned forward, Marty felt her breasts press against his upper back. Mingmei’s long fingers rubbed his muscular chest, causing his nipples to rise in response to her firm rubbing. His erection began to strain against his shorts. Without a word, she came around to the front of the chair and dropped to her knees. She quickly undid his shorts and soon his briefs joined them around his ankles. His long, hard circumcised white penis rose from the curly forest of brown pubic hair. Pushing her long black hair behind her head, she slowly licked the sides of his pink shaft. Tremors of lust rippled Marty’s seated frame as her tongue explored his cock and her warm strong hands rubbed his sensitive inner thighs. When her lips encircled the head of his dick he heard himself moan. Her pink tongue flicked the tip while she drew his cock deeper into her warm mouth with light sucking motions that made him squirm with delight. Marty raised Mingmei’s tee shirt, his hands moved across her smooth brown back savoring both the softness of her flesh and the hardness underneath. He unclasped her bra and found her firm round breasts. Her nipples were hard against the palms of his hand. She began pumping the base of his cock while her magic mouth continued to suck and lick the head. His hips rocked in the chair in a thrusting motion while he continued to caress her light brown breasts, the passion building in his body and churning in his balls.
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2011-Dec-30 - porn tube

Curt drove the 36? wide mower up the ramp on onto the trailer attached to the back of his pickup truck. He cut the engine and wiped the sweat from his face with a clean rag. He couldn’t remember when it was so damned hot. He tipped his hat back on his head and took the pruning sheers and weed wacker out of the back. He still had at least another hour of work before he was done here, and he was out of water. Fifteen minutes later, he’d had it. He went to the back door of the main house and rang the bell. He’d seen servants around the house before and only hoped that someone was home today. The door opened; he felt the cool Porno Tube rush of air conditioning blast his face, chest, and legs. The breeze was soothing and he hoped that he would be invited in while someone got him a glass of water. It was the young Filipino woman with mocha skin who answered the door that made him hot again. She was slender, but filled out her fitted uniform in all the right places. She had deep brown almond-shaped eyes and wore the slighted bit of makeup. Her shoes were sensible and black; her skirt was much shorter than was practical. Her smile was bright and wide and inviting. “May I help you?” she asked. “I’m Curt, the lawn guy, and I was hoping that you might be able to get me a glass of water. It’s hot out here.” He could barely control his cock; his dirty mind raced. Curt imagined him getting her alone in the cabana, bending her over the back of a chaise lounge and fucking her sweet, dark pussy from behind. “Come in,” she said as she opened the door. Despite the frosty inside of the house, his cock was pushing hard against his cutoffs. All of a sudden, going commando didn’t seem like such a great idea; his cock threatened to pop out the shortened leg when he reached into his pocket and grabbed his stiff shaft. “Please wait here. I’ll get you a glass Adult Pornography of ice water. Would you like a slice of lemon?” “Sure.” The maid smiled, turned and walked away. Each step she took, each wiggle of her ass, made the blood pound in his head. He looked down and saw the grass clippings and dust stuck to his sweaty skin and hair. Damned, he thought. If only I wasn’t so grimy, but maybe I can get her number before I leave. The dry, air-conditioned air made his nipples small and hard, but his cock was hot and raging in his shorts. Alone, his dirty little fantasies hijacked his mind and made him hard. Curt wondered what it would be like to take her bent over the pool table that he was sure they had downstairs. Even better, he thought, what would it be like if she sucked him then rode him on top of the pool table. She came back, walking down the hallway with a glass of ice water with a slice of lemon. As she got close, she dropped the napkin that was under the glass on the floor, but didn’t seem to notice. Curt took the tall glass with a smile and a thank you. He drank; she watched. When he was about half done he told her, “You dropped a napkin on the floor,” and pointed behind her. She turned around, took two steps and bent over at the waist to retrieve the napkin. Curt couldn’t believe his luck or his eyes. He saw garter straps attached to the top of her stockings and flash of her ass. What he didn’t see was underwear. He swallowed hard and his cock sprung to life, peeking out from the bottom of his shorts.
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